If you have a compass (the mathematical drawing kind, not the point-to-the-north kind), this is a simple three-part process!

PART ONE: Mark the legs

a) Open the compass to any distance (a “medium” one works well) and tighten it so it stays that way.

b) Place the compass point on the angle’s vertex.

c) Using the compass’s pencil, make a mark on each leg of the angle.


PART TWO: Draw an intersection

a) Place the compass point on the mark you made on one leg of the angle, then draw a curve between the legs, in the direction away from the vertex.

b) Do the same thing with the compass point on the other mark you made. The two curves should intersect at a point.


PART THREE: Connect the dots

Using a straight edge, connect the angle’s vertex to the intersection of the two curves you drew. Congratulations — you just bisected the angle!